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Wide variety of special materials from the ceramic industry

FCT Ingenieurkeramik GmbH specializes in the manufacture of components from a large selection of high-tech, refractory and composite ceramics. Upon request we also develop tailor-made material solutions according to the special requirements of our customers.

We also carry out funded development projects in order to research and develop the base know-how on which we build our novel material solutions, our optimization and continued development of the relative manufacturing processes, as well as the implementation of ceramic components in new areas.

Our innovative material database

Materials based on silicon nitride (Si3N4)

The most important group of materials manufactured by FCTI are silicon nitride ceramics. These high-performance ceramics are notably characterized by their high strength, resistance to damage and corrosion.

Particularly in high-temperature and foundry applications, they are highly advantageous due to their extremely high resistance to thermal shocks and to thermal cycling, while their low density, high specific strength and rigidity, as well as the extremely low thermal expansion make them particularly valued materials in aerospace and metrological applications.

standardized silicon nitride quality grades

FCTI offers standardized silicon nitride quality grades, some of which have already been validated and approved for use in the aerospace industry.

Special materials based on silicon nitride

In addition, one can also choose between a series of silicon nitride-based special materials, each with their optimized material properties, in order to meet the special requirements of the most diverse fields of application as closely as possible. This includes, for instance, a “high-purity” silicon nitride, employed in order to minimize contamination in sensitive processes (semiconductor technology, photovoltaics, medical technology), some silicon nitride variants with particularly high electrical or thermal conductivity, as well as a special solution for foundry applications with further improved oxidation and wetting behaviour.

Materials based on silicon carbide (SiC)

Another focal point in FCTI’s material technology is the manufacture of silicon carbide-based materials. These are particularly appreciated in a range of applications because of

  • their extreme hardness, wear,
  • corrosion and oxidation resistance,
  • as well as for their good thermal conductivity.

FCTI offers a whole range of different silicon carbide materials, starting with the densely sintered variety (”SSiC”), which is particularly popular in high-temperature and heat treatment applications, in the engineering of machinery / plants / chemical apparatus, for conveyor applications and wherever wear protection is required.

The particularly high-temperature stable recrystallized (”RSiC”) and nitride-bonded (”NSiC”) varieties have a clearly defined open porosity and permeability and are therefore particularly suitable for setter plates and batch trays in high temperature and heat treatment applications, while materials based on a SiC matrix with carbon fibre reinforcement (”C/C-SiC”) find their perfect application in high-performance friction bushings, in the emergency brakes for elevators, in specific fields relating to wear protection and tribology or again as heat shields in the aerospace industry.

Special materials

Furthermore, FCTI offers components manufactured from standardized special materials.

The portfolio includes refractory materials such as titanium carbide, titanium diboride, boron carbide or even tantalum carbide. The last of these for instance allows, when used as a crucible material, the ceramic single crystal growth by sublimation in the semiconductor industry, due to its extremely high melting point and corrosion resistance.

Custom materials

Our range of materials is completed by a whole range of special materials, refractory ceramics and composite materials, for which FCT has already collected manufacturing experience, but for which it has not yet standardized a set of products due to the low demand for such materials.

This includes, for instance, tantalum nitride or completely binder-free tungsten carbide. Upon request, as part of our range of services we also work with custom materials.

Feel free to ask us if you need any special material grade!